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Polyurethane Raw Materials

Our Product Range Application
T.D.I.80/20 For Flexible Slab Stock Foam, Paints & Coatings Etc.
Polyether Polyol For flexible Slab Stock, Moulded Foam.
Polymeric M.D.I For Rigid Foam & Moulded Foam Etc.
Blended Polyol For Rigid Foam Thermoware, Sandwitch Panel, Sprayfoam Application.
Polymer Polyol 43% Solid Content.
Visco Foam Systems For Mattress, Pillows & Moulded Foam.
PU Additives For Silicon Surfactant, Amine Catalyst, Tin Catalyst & Other Catalyst.
PU Sole System DOW Authorised Distributor for Kerala Market.

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