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Polyurethane Raw Materials

Our Product Range Application
Polyether Polyol For flexible Slab Stock Foam Mfg.
Rigid foam, Thermo ware, Ice BOx, Deep freeze and Panels etc.
Cold Cure HR for Car Seats
Polyester Polyol For Rigid Foam, Shoe Sole etc.
Polymeric M.D.I Rigid Foam, Paint & Coatings
T.D.I.80/20 For Flexible Slab Stock Foam, Coatings Paints & Adhesives
Methelene Chloride For Foam Mfg.
Integral Skin Foam For Chair handles, Stirring Wheel etc.
Polymer Polyol 43% Solid Content  High Load Bearing Foam Application 
Voramer RF 1026 (Binder) For Bonded Foam Application
Silicon Surfectant For Flexible Slab Stock
Stanous Octate   For Flexible Slab Stock Foam
Amine Catalyst For Slab Stock Foam
Foam Colour  For Flexible Slab Stock Foam


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